One Day Divorce Attorney

The San Diego Superior Court announced they were launching a One Day Divorce Program, in Feb. 2014. Los Angeles County and Orange County will soon follow. There are numerous advantages in obtaining a one-day divorce, but not all married couples will qualify. In order to be eligible, you’ll should have actually not submitted for a […]

Core Law Group Named Top Divorce Lawyer in Orange County

The September 2014 issue of OC Metro Magazine, an Orange County Register News Paper publication, has ranked Core Law Group’s Partner Simon Aziz Budhwani as a top divorce lawyer in Orange County. The September 2014 issue can be viewed by clicking here. The article titled “2014 Top Attorneys” identified 50 of the top lawyers in […]

Can Non Parents Request Child Custody or Visitation Orders for a Child?

Yes. Believe it or not the law is broader in this area then one might think.  Child Custody or Visitation is not limited to the natural parents of the child.  For example, adoptive Parents, Presumed Parents, and even same sex couples can request custody or visitation. Here is a general overview: Natural Parents A child’s […]

Can I Have My Ex Pay For My Divorce Attorney?

Yes.  It is possible for one party in a divorce to have the Court order the other party to pay their attorney fees. The Court wants both sides to be represented fairly in a divorce.  It is quite common that during a divorce one party has control of the money and the other side does […]

DUI Penalties

First offense DUI penalties are very stiff. You might: Be sentenced to up to six months in jail. Fined anywhere between $390 and $1,000. Pay a “penalty assessment” equal to approximately three times the amount of your fine. Six-month license suspension. Be required to complete a DUI program. Depending on your BAC, you might have […]