I can’t afford my child support. Can I lower it?

By Marissa A. Oxman, Esq. Child support can be modified so long as the person looking to change it can prove something important has changed since the last order. The fact that the person looking to change the order has to do the proving means the person looking to change the order has the “burden […]

Who pays for my divorce? Me or my Ex?

The answer is – It depends. In most civil lawsuits, there is a winner and a loser, and the Court can force the loser to pay some of the winner’s attorneys’ fees.  Divorces work differently.  Judges don’t look at family law cases as having a winner or loser.  So, whether one spouse will have to […]

Does Common-Law Marriage Still Exist?

By Marissa A. Oxman, Esq. A common-law marriage is an informal marriage.  A couple never has a civil or religious ceremony.  They never register their marriage with the state.  But they live together, act like they are married, and tell most everyone they are married. Most states in the U.S. have stop recognizing common law […]

What does pendente lite support mean in a divorce case?

Pendente Lite is Latin for “pending litigation.”  Most people believe that there are only two types of support: child support and spousal support (also known as alimony).  While this is technically true there is a little bit more detail that needs to be explained.  What needs to be added is that the courts have the […]

Core Law Group Named Top Divorce Lawyer in Orange County

The September 2014 issue of OC Metro Magazine, an Orange County Register News Paper publication, has ranked Core Law Group’s Partner Simon Aziz Budhwani as a top divorce lawyer in Orange County. The September 2014 issue can be viewed by clicking here. The article titled “2014 Top Attorneys” identified 50 of the top lawyers in […]