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Larry J. Lindquist, Esq.



Larry J. Lindquist is 'Larry Joe' to Core Law Group, LLP.  He is the newest edition to the Core Law Group, LLP attorney team.  He grew up in Costa Mesa, received his undergraduate degree from Cal State University Monterey Bay, and received his law degree from Monterey College of Law.  He spent more than 5 years working as a paralegal before becoming an attorney.  His experience as a paralegal exposed him to personal injury, business litigation, labor and employment, criminal defense, and family law.

Larry’s strength as a lawyer is his investigative abilities.  He loves theorizing the other size’s strategies and tracking down the evidence to stop them.  Larry’s clients love his explanations.  Larry isn’t a fan of law-speak/legalese.  He explains the law in words people use every day. 

Larry enjoys playing the tenor saxophone and cooking barbecue (we recommend his smoked tri-tip and smoked cheddar).  At a towering 6-foot 8-inches tall, it is no surprise he is a former NCAA Division II Center.