Orange County Bankruptcy, nothing is harder for a family then facing the fact that you cannot pay your obligations and will need to consider other debt solutions in order to make ends meet. As Orange County bankruptcy attorneys, we understand the difficult position you are in and care about how you can resolve these debt problems. The Core Law Group provides you with various legal options you can take in order to alleviate yourself of the stress and worry that overwhelming debt can bring. Most people know nothing about how bankruptcy works or any other means they may be able to use to legally resolve their debt situation. To find out more about the bankruptcy process and other areas of debt relief, visit our pages below:

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  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy
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  • Means Test
  • Debt Relief
  • Debt Litigation
  • Collections Defense
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  • Creditor Harassment
  • Foreclosure Defense
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  • Why Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney?
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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Orange County

Although it may seem like you face a hopeless situation, nothing is further from the truth. Our firm has helped thousands of individuals file for bankruptcy protection and eliminated or lessened their debts. We can likely help you as well. We provide a free initial consultation to evaluate your personal financial situation and then can offer  you the best legal solutions for your circumstances. We also offer “bankruptcy by phone,” making it where some cases do not ever require an office visit. We understand that bankruptcy can be an embarrassing, inconvenient situation for most clients and we are dedicated to making it as painless as possible.

We can also help with preventing foreclosure of your home and provide you with debt counseling to keep you from making the same mistakes again. Our firm also eliminates creditor harassment, either through a bankruptcy filing or because you have retained us as y our representative. Creditors are not allowed to continue to contact you once you have filed for bankruptcy protection, nor can they contact you if you inform them you have an attorney representing  your interests regarding  your debts.

Get the help you need to get you through this difficult time. There is no reason you have to continue with sleepless nights and days filled with creditors calling you and threatening lawsuits and wage garnishment. We can help you eliminate and control your debts and put you back on the path to a sound financial future. We offer help to clients residing in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.

Contact a Orange County Bankruptcy Lawyer for sound legal advice when you are facing overwhelming debts.