Orange County Collections Attorneys, Core Law Group uses attorneys to collect debts and judgments for individuals in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties. We don’t make annoying phone calls or send endless letters. We investigate, find, sue the debtor, and force them to pay. If your debt is collectable, and the debtor has assets, we will recover. Meanwhile, you stay informed, make all the necessary decisions, and pay no legal fees.

Consider these alarming statistics about your current accounts and judgments:

        ** Percentage of judgments that remain uncollected : 80%

        ** Average judgment recovery rate for collection agencies: 14%

        ** Value of an uncollected dollar after five years: 1 penny

In many cases we can change these unfortunate statistics. We specialize in locating debtors and their assets to satisfy judgments. If your debt or judgment qualifies, we become partners with you in your debt. We don’t send legal bills, charge you for phone calls, or collect a retainer. We only take a percentage of what we collect.

As lawyers, we have a wide range of effective legal tools, including the full power of the Courts, the Sheriff’s department, and much more to go after the debtor. Finally, we don’t just collect debts. Since we are full service law firm, if retained, we will provide your business with the following services:

1) Free legal consultation on all your current accounts receivables, and/or judgment(s),

2) Free overview of your current contracts/forms to ensure legal compliance and to strengthen your processes for future actions,

3) Status letters keeping you informed on your accounts,

4) Complimentary phone calls to your assigned attorney for questions regarding collection accounts, and

5) If the matter goes to small claims court, we prepare and file all the necessary forms on your behalf and do whatever is needed to assist you on the case. If the debt is over $7,500, the case must be filed in limited or unlimited civil court, in which case, our attorneys handle all phases of litigation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your success rate?

Our most frequent question is “Will you be able to collect my money?” Everyone wants a lawyer who can say “YES”. We believe that if anyone can collect, we can. Because part of our business is collections, we collect more money, more often than most other lawyers. Our success rate depends on many factors and even before we investigate and attempt your case, we can get a good idea of collection prospects. Certain cases, for example, are highly collectable.

High probability of collection success is often indicated by:

A very recent debt; and/or lavish lifestyle of an individual debtor; and/or operating businesses; and/or excellent credit history; and/or occupational or professional licenses of debtors; and/or generally stable employment history; and/or Supportive family; and/or Strong financial statement or substantial asset ownership; and/or History of reliance on obtaining credit; and/or debts under $75,000.

A lower probability of collection occurs in cases that are:

Very old; and/or against corporations that are out of business; and/or against outright thieves, such as those in jail or who are being chased by law enforcement; and/or against those who have, or will be, filing for bankruptcy protection; and/or against those people whose lifestyle tends to indicate no assets now or in the future, such as alcoholics, drug abusers, chronic gamblers, those chronically on welfare, the terminally ill; and/or huge debts; and/or large IRS tax liens.

How soon can you collect for me?

Some cases are collected within the first 30 days and others are never collected. In general, most successful collections become apparent soon after the lawsuit is served, and generally we know if the collection will be easy, even if contested, within the first 120 days. While it is sometimes possible for debtors to delay in court