What is a Pre-Trial Conference in an Orange County DUI Case?

pre-trial conferenceOnce you have entered a plea of not guilty at your arraignment, the next appearance will be a pre-trial conference.
The Judge will schedule a pre-trial conference between the Defense attorney and the Prosecution in order to allow both sides to come to a settlement regarding the DUI allegations. If your case is a misdemeanor, your attorney may appear on your behalf without you present. Although you are permitted to represent yourself, it is not recommended.
Prosecutors deal with DUI cases every single day and are highly experienced in preparing an argument that will work against you. They have reviewed all the information and your background and know precisely how to approach your case. An experienced Orange County DUI Defense attorney can not only prepare a powerful defense that will serve to change the prosecution’s perception of your case, but they have worked with the prosecutors in Orange County on numerous cases and know their strengths and weaknesses.
At Core Law Group we utilize the DMV hearing in order to obtain a strategic advantage in a DUI case. Through the DMV hearing our defense attorneys subpoena and review the audio and video of the arrest. Our attorney team also interviews our clients about their recollection of the events and compares it to the Police Report and chemical test results provided as part of the DMV discovery packet. We may have even subpoenaed and questioned the arresting officer at the DMV hearing. By the time your criminal case reaches the pre-trial conference, our Orange County DUI Defense attorneys have a full understanding of your case and all of the defenses available. This is significant because the prosecutor charged with convicting you of a DUI will likely not open your file until moments before the pre-trial conference and is susceptible to a strong defense.
The biggest mistake you can make during your pre-trial conference is to go in unprepared and have the prosecution gain the upper hand. You want to make the strongest case possible and play up your legal defenses. Highlight the positive aspects of your life and character, which is an aspect the opposition will try hard to break down.
When it comes to your criminal case, you need to be aggressive and demonstrate to the Prosecutor and Judge that you are not just another case going through the process, but that you are someone who should not be convicted based on allegations alone. Protect your rights by getting the proper help from a knowledgeable Orange County DUI Defense attorney.

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