Can I Have My Ex Pay For My Divorce Attorney?

Yes.  It is possible for one party in a divorce to have the Court order the other party to pay their attorney fees. The Court wants both sides to be represented fairly in a divorce.  It is quite common that during a divorce one party has control of the money and the other side does […]

DUI Penalties

First offense DUI penalties are very stiff. You might: Be sentenced to up to six months in jail. Fined anywhere between $390 and $1,000. Pay a “penalty assessment” equal to approximately three times the amount of your fine. Six-month license suspension. Be required to complete a DUI program. Depending on your BAC, you might have […]

Cohabitation Property Rights

If you and your partner cohabit, yet are not legitimately wed, there are still some residential property possession ramifications. When partners discuss a residence, this is not a roommate-type circumstance and is not treated because of this. Instead, you and your companion should produce a common-law marriage home arrangement that will aid to give guidelines […]